CB Digital Escape Room Q Seven

You know everything!!!

Great to see that you know the structure of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – important for tapping into motivation.

But below I’m going to show you a series of print and billboard ads…

I just want you to tell me which level of the Maslow model that they are MOST LIKELY using as motivation. In some cases, there is an argument for possibly two levels, but just pick the best option.

Use this key to code your answer into numbers…

1 = Self-actualization

2 = Esteem

3 = Social/belonging

4 = Safety

5 = Physiological

Advertisement A

Advertisement B

Advertisement C

Advertisement D

Advertisement E

Code Hint

You should have five numbers (as numerals = 1 to 5) – but you should only have each number ONCE – put them in sequence of the above ads.

For example, Ad A = which one on the list, then Ad B = which one, and so on.

  1. Self-actualization
  2. Esteem
  3. Social/belonging
  4. Safety
  5.  Physiological

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