CB Digital Escape Room Q4

Good answer – but now for a slightly tougher one. Check out this text conversation.

Check out these text messages.

The student was mostly right at the bottom.

They had most of the buyer decision process, but not in the correct sequence.

And, for some reason, they added an extra stage that is NOT part of the standard buyer decision process.

Code Calculation

For this answer – of just five digits – remove the number that is incorrect in the text message (is not part of the buyer decision process) and then put the remaining numbers in the correct sequence.

But then I also want to test your mathematical ability and general knowledge as well:

  1. Start with your five digit number above (remember to put in the correct order – and no spaces)
  2. Add the number of days in the Year 2000
  3. And finally add the number of days in the Year 2100 – simple!

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