CB Digital Escape Room Q2

Great Work!!!

You made it past the first challenge – you’re on your way to winning that consumer insights role.

For your second consumer behavior question, please demonstrate your basic knowledge of CB by completing the following crossword clues and then use your problem solving skills to figure out the code to get through to the next question.

You will need a pen and paper to help you with this one.

Quick tip: All the clues relate to the new product adoption process.

Crossword Clues


1 = The first consumers to adopt a new product are known as “innovators”, but the last set of consumers to adopt new products are referred to as __________ adopters.

2 = They are follow the early majority of consumers; they are known as the late ________.

3 = Referring to your answer in Q1 above, what percentage of the population do these late adopting consumers represent?

4 = In the new product adoption process, consumers pass through awareness, interest and then ________.

5 = What process are all of the above questions referring to?


6 = Which is the first stage of the new product adoption process where the company actually starts selling the product for the first time.

7 = This is the starting point for the new product adoption process.

8 = Without this adopter group, many new products would not succeed.

9 = Following the innovators, and often containing lots of opinion leaders, are the consumer group referred to as ___________ adopters.

10 = In which adoption stage does the consumer seek information about the new product.

Code Hints

You will need all ten answers for your code, which consists of ten letters – that’s a hint: ten clues and ten letters required.

A bigger code hint – your code should end like this – what’s the pattern?

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ i e i

Remember to use all LOWER case letters – and NO spaces between letters.

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