CB Digital Escape Room Q Nine

You’re doing really well.

I think that you might get a job offer out of this.

Let’s Look at the Above Image More Closely

This picture of our customer and her “beautiful” baby seems simple enough, but it actually highlights a number of CB influences and factors.

From the following list, which ones do you think will apply to her AND would influence her purchase decision – based upon the image above.

1 = She appears to be in a happy mood

2 = She is most likely an innovator or early adopter of fashion

3 = She appears to enjoy shopping

4 = She has been attracted by the in-store display

5 = She appears to be avoiding any sales people

6 = This is probably a low-involvement purchase for her

7 = She probably knows she is likely to have limited time to shop because she has a baby with her

8 = She is likely to be influenced by the $10 price tag

Code Hint

There are FIVE factors above that most likely apply (the other three do not apply or we can’t really tell) – just construct and enter your five digit number below – and put your numbers in numerical order (from lowest to highest).

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