The Role of Logos


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Review the activity below or download the PDF student worksheet

Student Worksheet: The Role of Logos

Student Discussion Activity

In this activity, you will consider the role of a logo in the firm’s overall brand – what role does it play, how important is it?

Below are some well-known logos to review. Please review these logos and address the questions at the end.

am logo

ba logo

do logo

eb logo

la logo

rs logo

ta logo

tw logo

va logo

Student Discussion Questions

  1. Which logos can you recognize?
  2. Why do you think that these logos were designed this way? That is, what are they trying to communicate?
  3. Are logos just used for quick recognition – or do they try to “tell a story” about the brand?
  4. Which logos, do you think, are the better ones? Why?
  5. How often (if at all) should successful brands change/fine-tune their logo design?
  6. In addition to a brand’s logo – what are some other brand elements (colors, shapes, slogans, sounds) that are also important to use?
  7. Do you think that every brand needs a logo? Or are logos more important in certain industries only?

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