The Practical Marketing Workbook Now in Hard Copy

A Paperback Version of the Workbook is Now Available Through Amazon

Following numerous requests, I have finally published the Practical Marketing Workbook in hard copy format, as well as a downloadable PDF file.

The workbook contains over 250 worksheet style activities (and more than 400 pages), ideal for copying and providing to your students for in-class activities, discussion exercises, role plays, review tasks, and even homework and assessment tasks. Ideal for active learning and flipped classroom environments.

It covers a broad array of ‘marketing principles’ topics and concepts, and provides a broad array of choices of activities to suit your course content and your students’ learning needs.

Try Before You Buy

For a free sample chapter (in PDF form) before you decide to purchase, please visit my page on the soft-copy of the workbook (where you can purchase the PDF version for $29.95 USD if preferred).

To purchase the hard copy version, follow the Amazon link below…