Teaching Digital Marketing Resource

Introducing Simbound for Interactive Learning

Simbound is an online turnkey content creation and evaluation system developed to address the need of the modern digital marketing course leader which aims to go beyond a simple presentation centered approach with his or her course. Belonging to the experiential learning family of resources  it employs simulation, gaming and interactive e-learning functionality. The resource is made available as an easy to deploy content extension which enhances the common core of the now popular digital marketing subject.

Used by more than 100 universities

There is a growing worldwide community of teachers and trainers which have used the solution with students in over 100 universities worldwide having created millions of marketing decisions for their virtual companies inside the simulation. The digital marketing topics which the student interacts in an iterative way include:

  • contextual advertising,
  • qualitative marketing,
  • marketing campaign planning,
  • market evolution,
  • online consumer behavior,
  • creative copy-writing,
  • budget management,
  • data interpretation and
  • reporting.

Game-based Student Competition

The game can be organized as a team-based competition where each team works to outrank the other team by delegating tasks and developing systems thinking best practices.

The tool is typically introduced to students during a theoretical course or after the delivery of seminars as a means to apply learned concepts in a risk-free environment. The simulated environment creates a fail-safe environment which does not require real funds to be spent and does not backfire if one communication effort has not fulfilled its intended goal. The teaching methodology built around the simulation is currently being used both in both face to face and distance (online) course formats with comparable success.

Full Instructor Support

The system offers the marketing instructor multiple ways in which he can assess learner performance and there is a stock of specific grading or proof of learning frameworks which can be applied to each game. Secondary frameworks are emerging and Simbound rewards the most creative usage of the platform through a study case competition for teachers as well as the opportunity to host Simbound-themed seminars in various locations around the world.

Next Steps

For more information on this teaching resource, please visit the Simbound website.

NOTE: Simbound is a independent teaching resource site specializing in digital marketing. Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing is not affiliated with Simbound and simply provided this article as it is a worthwhile teaching resource to consider using to demonstrate digital marketing concepts.