Impact of Reduced Staff Empowerment

CRM success is highly reliant upon the motivation and performance of a firm’s customer contact staff. Considering this point, review the situation below – do you think that the management has made the right decision?



Assume that you have just started working at a supermarket, in their marketing department. the supermarket’s management team has just introduced a ‘… See the full activity...

Working with Customer Lifetime Value

In this activity, you need to work through a customer lifetime value exercise (CLV). You need to calculate the customer lifetime value for both the accounting firm’s business and individual customers. Given these calculations, what advice would you have for the firm?



An accounting firm currently provides accounting and taxation advice to 1,000 businesses and 2,000 individuals. In … See the full activity...

Analyzing Campaign Results

A key aspect of a marketing role, especially early in a career, is analyzing campaign results. In this particular exercise, you are presented with the campaign results from a bank that has tested different promotional tactics. Your task here is to analyze which aspects of the campaign test have been effective.


In this direct marketing campaign, a bank has … See the full activity...

Reviewing a Multi-Attribute Model

In this exercise, your task is to review the results of a multi-attribute attitude model, which compares consumer’s perceptions of two fast food restaurants (McDonald’s and Burger King).

In the survey (which uses hypothetical data), consumers have been asked to rank the importance of various attributes and then score the two firms for these attributes. The two responses are then … See the full activity...

Interpreting Research Results

This review activity summarizes the results of research into a potential new product – hot chili flavored ice cream. The firm undertook taste-test research to help determine whether they should launch this new product, or whether their product prototype needs to be modified before launch. Given the research results listed below, what would you recommend to the firm?



Research See the full activity...