Strategy Focus

In this exercise, you need to review the below diagram, which highlights a possible strategy development path for a textbook publisher. As you can see, this firm has adopted a practice of pursuing virtually whatever market opportunities have been presented to it. Follow the arrows and you can see some logic for each of their strategic moves, but you need See the full activity...

Improving the Marketing Mix

In this exercise, you are required to review the top-level financials of a small chain of hamburger stores and suggest improvements to their marketing mix. This activity should provide an introduction of how modifications to a firm’s marketing mix can impact business performance.

So let’s help Fat Frank’s Burgers make more money!



Frank owns three hamburger shops (Fat … See the full activity...

Working with the Marketing Mix

This exercise is designed to illustrate how the marketing mix works together to implement the organization’s marketing strategy, which should meet the needs of a defined target market.

In this activity, we will use a hypothetical example for an up market hotel chain, such as Hilton Hotels. Assume that Hilton Hotels (which are usually ‘5-star’ quality) have decided that they See the full activity...

What is marketing?

Student Task

In this activity, we will use a quick overview of McDonald’s in order to try and identify the reasons for their success throughout the world and the contribution of marketing (if any) to their overall performance. This will help in gaining a good sense of the scope of marketing in a large firm.


Let’s face it … See the full activity...

Are these marketing tasks?

For this exercise, review the list of work tasks below and identify which ones are likely (or not) to be part of a marketing role.

For this activity, we will assume that the company in question manufactures cookies.

As you go through the list, consider at which “level” of employee (refer list in question area) each of the decisions probably See the full activity...

The Role of a Marketer

The aim of this exercise is to identify the likely tasks of someone in a marketing role. In other words, what day-to-day functions do marketers perform?

Please review the list of business tasks outlined below. For each task, determine how likely it would be for somebody in marketing (that is, they could be anyone in marketing, junior or senior) to See the full activity...

Understanding Customer Satisfaction

This activity is designed to help you identify the key components of what drives customer satisfaction outcomes. Listed below are a series of statements made by consumers regarding their recent interaction with a firm. Quickly review each statement and determine how satisfied each consumer is (using this simple scale; very satisfied, satisfied or dissatisfied).



  1. “My friends dragged me
See the full activity...

What is Customer Value?

For this task you need to identify how each of the following consumers perceive value, based on their statements listed below. You should note that the perception of value varies across most of these consumers.

For each consumer statement, n this activity, identify how each of the following consumers perceives value. (For example, value = low price, or value = See the full activity...

Which Marketing Orientation is Best?

In the following activity, you are presented with an excerpt of a discussion from a manager’s meeting for a newly formed firm that is setting up as a manufacturer of bicycles. Essentially, they are discussing which marketing orientation/philosophy they should adopt. Your task is to determine which orientation/philosophy that you think would be most appropriate approach for this firm.

ACTIVITY/TASKSee the full activity...

Understanding Marketing Orientation

In the following exercise, you are required to identify which Marketing Orientation/Philosophy (see list in question area) that each firm most appears to follow, based on the statement that they have made on the way that they focus and operate in their particular organization.



  1. “It’s a old saying, but it’s true – ‘build a better mouse-trap and the
See the full activity...

What is marketing?

Student Task

Our task in this exercise is to construct our own definition of marketing. To assist in this regard, some different views of what marketing is have been presented below.

Therefore, your first task in this activity is to firstly review the various views/definitions of marketing in the conversation below. Then see if you can come up with your See the full activity...

Perceptions of Marketing

This exercise is designed to explore how you and your fellow students perceive the role and perception of marketing.

Listed below is a series of statements about marketing. Identify which ones do you agree with and which ones you disagree with? When you have finished, compare your perceptions against those of your fellow students .

(Please note that there are See the full activity...