My Teaching Story

Hello and welcome to Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing.

My name is Geoff Fripp and I’m live in Sydney, Australia. Let me say at the outset that I am not a career academic. I have had a varied business career across corporate marketing roles, small business start-ups, strategy consulting, professional speaking, and lots and lots of adjunct lecturing.

And when I say lots, I mean lots! At a rough guess, I would say that I taught somewhere around 1,200 marketing classes. How is it possible to teach that many classes? Well that is explained below.

Let’s start at the beginning of my lecturing experiences. I first started teaching marketing way back in 1988, which is before most of my current students were born. I taught an undergraduate class in marketing research at the University of Western Sydney. At that time I was still working (part-time studies) on my master’s degree and, apparently, the university had some difficulty in getting a lecturer for the subject. Why? Because it was an undergraduate class and the lecture was scheduled for a Friday night. That’s a tough slot, but it did provide me with some experience and the opportunity to continue with more part-time lecturing (in more appealing time periods).

Over the next dozen years, in addition to my corporate marketing career, I frequently lectured a couple of different subjects. However, from 2001 onwards I basically became a ‘full-time’ adjunct lecturer as I was lecturing programs for four to six universities at a time (all campuses were in Sydney). I sometimes lectured up to nine subjects in a week (which is not possible without a lot of caffeine) and generally taught summer school as well. Therefore, that’s why a can only roughly guess how many classes I have taught, but about 1,200 lectures is in the ball-park.

In the last couple of years I have substantially reduced my lecturing workload. Today I only lecture at the University of Sydney, where I started as an adjunct lecturer in 2002.

I have taught most marketing subjects, ranging from the basics of marketing principles, consumer behavior and marketing research, to specialist subjects including new products marketing, services marketing, marketing metrics, CRM, advertising and promotion, retail marketing, and to the capstone subject of marketing strategy. I have tended to lecture equally as often at the undergraduate level as at postgraduate.

The student’s numbers that I have been involved with have ranged from 8 (in a specialist postgraduate marketing metrics subject) to 800 for an undergraduate marketing principles cohort.

Why this site? Well I have a broad range of lecturing experiences and I have ‘tested’ many different lecturing approaches, activities, exercises, role-plays, games, videos, interactions, and so on and so on (the second ‘so on’ is intentional – I’ve tried a lot). In terms of lecturing styles, I’ve ‘tested’ the different mix of theory/practical, different levels of humor, different levels of interaction, and so on.

Therefore, I thought I would share some of my experiences with you in this website.