Viral Marketing Success


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Student Worksheet: Viral Marketing Success

Student Video Activity

In this video-based mini-case, you will review two videos in the highly successful Blendtec collection. These YouTube videos are an example of successful viral campaigns; can you identify the reasons for their success?

YouTube is one of the most popular internet sites in the world. It has a vast collection of videos ranging from entertainment to music to TV commercials to information to corporate promotional material, and so on.

With so much content available, it is perhaps surprising that one of the more successful viral video campaigns is for a company that makes blenders. The Blendtec series of YouTube videos have received around 300 million views across their “Will it Blend?” campaign.

Their videos have the cheesy appeal of a 1960s TV show. Despite this, and despite the subject matter, these videos have proved very popular. Here are just two examples, but there are lots more on YouTube.

Student Discussion Questions

  1. After reviewing these two videos, outline the reasons why you think that they have proved popular.
  2. While they have had around 300 million views, is their message reaching the right target market? Would these videos be having a significant impact on their blender sales?
  3. What non-YouTube marketing activities would BlendTec need to implement to capitalize on the popularity of their videos?
  4. What are the advantages of a viral campaign over other forms of promotion?
  5. Given this viral campaign success for a blender, what other types of firms/products could consider YouTube as a viable promotional channel?

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