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Introductory/basic marketing simulation game

Download the introductory simulation game for free: Free-Marketing-and-Positioning-Simulation-Game

Advanced marketing simulation game

Sorry – currently being redesigned (2019)

Expert-level marketing simulation game

Purchase the expert-level simulation game (via PayPal) for $99 (USD) – this is a one-off lifetime license fee. Check out the sample Sim Game below or review how our games compare.

Full Marketing and Positioning Sim Game
Price: $99.00 USD

Sample of the Marketing Positioning Sim Game

See the Sim Game before you buy it. Here is a FREE download of a SAMPLE game that was run with ten student teams. You can change around in the ‘Plan’ page to see how students make decisions. You can also see all the features of the Sim Game.

Sample of the Marketing Positioning Sim Game