Marketing Simulation Game – Beta Testers


I have developed a marketing simulation game based on the “sports shoe” market. I have run this simulation successfully a number of times with some of my marketing classes.

Although it runs off an Excel spreadsheet, it is quite a detailed simulation that I have developed and fine-tuned over several years.

Overview of the simulation game

  • The number of teams/groups is variable – anywhere up to eight teams
  • Obviously the teams competing against each other – with the key metric being profitability
  • Teams make decisions on:
    • Choosing target markets
    • Product development (number of products)
    • Product mix decisions and improvements
    • Promotional expenditure
    • Pricing
    • Amount of total marketing spend
  • The market consists of four market segments (sporty, fashion, everyday, budget)
  • There are market “complexities” built in:
    • The needs of each segment differ
    • Different segment growth rates (product life cycle)
    • Advertising responsiveness
    • Learning/experience curve
    • Payback/ROI issues
    • Timing issues
    • Word-of-mouth influence
    • Price/margin challenges
    • And so on

How the game operates

The simulation runs on an Excel spreadsheet. All teams make their decision on an “input” Excel spreadsheet – these are emailed to the instructor and opened – the master spreadsheet (game itself) takes these decisions and calculates the market position and produces output tables to be posted or sent back to the teams for their next decision.

Beta testers required

I have tested the simulation game numerous times – but I was after some other marketing lecturers who were willing to test the simulation with their classes. I will provide instructional videos and a manual for the students to review and understand the mechanics of the game. There would be limited extra information that you would need to provide – note: I usually structure assignments/tasks around the game, which are worth real marks.

Then, via a website, your student teams will upload their decisions (usually weekly) and I will post the results within 24 hours (faster if possible, but I am based in Australia so overnight timing is usually the issue).

Therefore, please contact me if you are a marketing instructor and would like to beta test my marketing simulation game for free. All I ask is for feedback from you, and some of your students, at the end of the game.

Here is an introduction video – designed for lecturers and instructors only…

For any questions, please email me at:


Geoff Fripp




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