Mar 012017

Introducing the  2nd Edition of the Practical Marketing Workbook This workbook now has over 250 student activities designed in a worksheet form. This means that you can print or photocopy pages for students and use them in class as individual or group activities. It is an ideal resource for flipped classroom and active learning environments. [See full activity…]

Feb 132017

Following the positive feedback on the marketing simulation game, I have decided to further develop the complexity of the game and introduce a more “advanced positioning marketing simulation game”. This is an extension of the initial game – so it has the same look and feel to students. However, it increases the complexity of decisions [See full activity…]

Feb 132017

Overview of the Discussion Activity This discussion activity is a variation of an existing exercise on this website, however it has been updated by the inclusion of an interactive spreadsheet to enable students to financially forecast the impact of this strategic decisions. Here is a link to the spreadsheet… Music Festival Strategy Exercise The purpose [See full activity…]

Jan 272017

This article discusses how the instructor can coordinate and manage the “logistics” of the marketing and positioning simulation game. This fun and engaging teaching activity is available for free download on this website – please see the article on the simulation game itself. Please note that this article does not discuss how the game works [See full activity…]

Jun 052015

Teaching notes for this activity In this discussion activity, students will look at the possible core competencies for Apple and discussed how appropriate that they are and how they would guide Apple’s marketing strategy. This discussion exercise is suitable for students of marketing strategy and more advanced marketing students. It would be more suitable for [See full activity…]

Feb 182015

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity Preferred format: This teaching activity is designed for small groups of students to discuss the marketing mix implications of the consumer products classification scheme. Student audience: This exercise is more suitable for students of introductory marketing. Exercise time: The group discussion time should be around 15 minutes, plus any [See full activity…]

Feb 132015

Teaching Notes for this Marketing Activity Preferred format: This teaching activity can be run in small groups or as an in-class discussion. Student audience: This discussion exercise is designed for introductory marketing students. Exercise time: This activity will take around 10 minutes, perhaps longer as an in-class discussion. Notes: There are several other discussion activities [See full activity…]

Feb 062015
New Coke Case Study

General Instructions for running the New Coke Case Study in class Much has been written about the New Coke new product development and launch in 1985 and there have been numerous case studies published in various textbooks, along with numerous books. But what is different about this case study for New Coke is that students [See full activity…]

Feb 062015
New Coke Case Study (Part 2)

General Instructions for running Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study in class This is Part 2 of the New Coke Case Study. It is highly recommended that student groups undertake the New Coke Case Study (Part 1), which sets the marketing environment context for Coke’s decision back in 1985. While the first part [See full activity…]

Nov 162014

Use of Sexual Appeals in Advertising Mrs Mac’s is a food manufacturer of pies, sausage rolls and pastries based in Australia. Its primary market is Australia and New Zealand, with some export markets in south-east Asia. It has worked hard to create the positioning of traditional and home-cooked food. This strategy has been generally successful [See full activity…]

Jul 202012

In this video-based mini-case, you will review two in the highly successful Blendtec collection. These YouTube videos are among the most successful viral campaigns; can you identify the reasons for their success?   ACTIVITY/TASK YouTube is one of the most popular internet sites in the world. It has a vast collection of video ranging from entertainment [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

In 2005, Coca-Cola introduced Coke Zero, a zero calorie version of their flagship product. This product did extraordinary well, but what launch and implementation challenges did they face?   ACTIVITY/TASK Coca-Cola first ventured into the diet soft drink market in the 1960’s with their Tab brand. In 1982 they broadened the Coke brand for the [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

After significant success in the local market, the company is looking to market to the more affluent markets in Asia markets. But the question is how they should do this? Which option would you recommend from the list below?   ACTIVITY/TASK “Full of Fun” fruit juices are a novel range of drinks primarily targeted at [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

A chain of well-known surf wear stores is considering expanding to international markets, but they are unsure whether this is a good idea for their business – can you help them decide?   ACTIVITY/TASK Britney: Thanks everyone for coming to the meeting. As you know, the company has been considering international expansion and I would [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

This activity is based on a chain of fitness centers. They want to increase their ongoing level of promotional activity, but are unsure how best to promote themselves in the marketplace. Therefore, this activity requires you to determine the most appropriate promotional strategy (given the information in the following case study).   ACTIVITY/TASK Fitness Fast [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

Salespeople are part of an overall team. When a salesperson tries to work independently, the results are not always very effective. This activity highlights an ineffective situation for a mobile home loan salesman for a bank. Review the situation – what can you recommend to improve the firm’s current sales appointment practices?   ACTIVITY/TASK When [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

This activity is based on a local regional bank that was become a little old-fashioned and behind the times. Their plan is to adopt a more modern image, whilst maintaining their strengths of being local and caring about their customers.  One of the first initiatives that they are undertaking is the development and launch of [See full activity…]

Jul 072012

Planning and developing a promotional campaign will take many months. This is because there are so many activities that need to be considered and organized. For this activity, assume that you worked for a TV manufacturer – they are launching a new TV product – how long would it take you complete the each of [See full activity…]